Hi, I am Tobore Olumoye

Tobore Olumoye is a Personal Finance Trainer and Coach. With over 17 years experience working in the financial services sector, she helps individuals and teams achieve financial clarity.

Over the past years, the exciting solutions she has been providing to individuals and groups within the private and public space have been incredible.

The high demand for her services necessitated her exit from paid employment to focus the high rate of financial illiteracy currently plaguing the African continent.

She strongly believes that Africans will do better if they know better.

Tobore lives in Port Harcourt , Nigeria with her husband and her three children.

My Portfolio

I worked in the banking sector for over 15 years but decided to leave after I became a trained financial planner.

I was surprised by the fact that many Nigerians have very little knowledge of financial planning and as a result, are so prone to having a financial crisis. Even some who are financially stable are surrounded by those who are not, and this puts them under pressure constantly.

I also realized that many Nigerians create a lot of wealth but the wealth is rarely preserved and transferred from one generation to the next.

I decided to quit my job and go on the crusade to increase awareness of Personal Financial Planning. My mission is to make Nigerians financially literate, one person or one group at a time.

I firmly believe that Nigerians and indeed Africans will do better financially if they know better.