Personal Finance Class for Women

Dear women, let’s talk about money. This is for you if you: 

  • You earn a fixed salary but inflation is putting it under immense pressure.
  • Your parents and siblings depend on you for support and you MUST help.
  • The holidays are here and your children have expectations.
  • Your business sales have dwindled drastically and you feel overwhelmed.
  • Your savings are being depleted and you struggle to make ends meet.
  • You really want to fix your finances but you don’t know how.

In this class I’ll shared tips I’ve shared with hundreds of individuals and practical steps you can take to put your finances in a better place and protect your financial future.

This class is strictly for females, so if you are male, please share the link with the females in your circle.

Click to watch the recording. 

5 thoughts on “Personal Finance Class for Women”

  1. Ibeh Praise Boma

    I learnt so much
    The feeling is always different with you on these kind of conversations
    Thank you so much ma for putting this up
    You’ve inspired me to keep working, building and making all round investments
    I don’t take this for granted
    Thank you ma

  2. Thank you so much Tobore Olumoye. This is mind blowing. You just gave premium value for free.

    You have just opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities. How much is your one on one session?

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